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Human Resources

We are a people-inspired company. Our people, their strengths, talent and energy are our most important strength. Currently there are around 328,000 employees and we sell products and services in 191 countries.

As the function attracting, developing and engaging more of the exceptional talent that we need to grow our business, HR offers opportunities in three key areas. You could continue your career in HR business partnership helping line managers improve business performance through people. If you’ve proven experience in recruitment, development or another specialist HR area, you’ll join our team devoted to specialism. Or you could join our Centre of Scale, the group that ensures our employees have their essential needs taken care of so they can focus on what they do best.


More than 6 years with Nestlé, I'm fortunate enough to work with people managers who can bring out the best in me. "Follow a good boss" - they say, especially in those first years of your career. I am lucky to have a manager who knows clearly my strengths & weaknesses & willing to place us in positions where we can maximize our potential, also willing to listen to our concerns. Perhaps this is just my own "fortune", but I do know quite a few others in Nestlé share similar "fortune" like myself. And you, have you found your "fortune" yet?

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