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Nesternship Vietnam


What is Nesternship?

As we face new realities, Nestlé is reimagining our culture by embracing a liquid workforce, adopting a transformational approach through the best features of the digital era, where anything can be done anytime, anywhere.​ ​​

Here is your chance to level up your skills, gain on-the-job experience and expand your network, all from the comfort of home. Grab this opportunity to kickstart your career without borders!


  • What is Nesternship?
  • What will you have from Nesternship?
  • Hear from our Nesterns
  • Who & What are we looking for?
  • Streams you can apply to
  • What does the application process look like?
  • FAQ


Hear from our nesterns


Who & What are we looking for

  • Fresh Graduate (less than 1 year of experience) or Senior students with GPA from 2.7/4 or equivalent
  • A team player with strong communication and interpersonal skills
  • Prove good sense of business acumen, critical thinking
  • Fluent in English & communication
  • Available for a 6-month fulltime job from September 2023 


Streams you can apply to



Working Location: South Factory in Dong Nai

Bring our products to life

Gain hands on experience in production and processing line management as you build your capabilities in people, quality, maintence and also in health and safety.


Working Location: South Factory in Dong Nai

Transform your keen eye for machines & process improvements into meaningful impact

Gain hands on experience through a rotation of roles in general engineering, industrial services, electrical and automation


Finance & Control

Working Location: South Factory in Dong Nai

Run and manage the business cashflow to serve its activities

Contribute to help the business control and use cashflow effectively, bring optimal profit for reinvestment and many other business activities

Research & Development

Working Location: South Factory in Dong Nai

Design the best products for our customers

Important in helping Nestlé design Product, Process and Packaging and sustainable Nutrition, Health and Wellness solutions for the markets and business.


Quality Assurance

Working Location: South Factory in Dong Nai

Ensuring that our products are of the best quality

Experience the end-to-end farm to fork quality management system, while developing good manufacturing practices and quality control skills in a manufacturing environment.

Factory Warehouse Management

Working Location: South Factory in Dong Naii

Play the key role in storing and transporting goods from the factory to the market

Develop yourself through practical experience in working with warehouse management, import-export systems and work with team to make improvements to optimize the warehouse capacity.


Manufacturing Excellence

Working Location: South Factory in Dong Nai

Initiate and lead Nestlé Continuous Improvement

Constantly improve the production process, resources and investments by creating and enhancing new ideas to apply digitalization as well as technology to make the differences


Working Location: Head Office in Ho Chi Minh City

Bring our brands to life in the Nestlé way

Collaborate with product development teams, brand communication and consumer insights to create creative communications and impactful marketing strategies for our brands.


Supply Chain

Working Location: Head Office in Ho Chi Minh City

Ensuring the quality of our products reaches our consumers on time

Develop your analytical skills, forward thinking and planning capabilities as you work across different areas of Supply Chain to ensure that our products are delivered in full, at the right time and place.

Physical Logistics

Working Location: Distribution Center in Dong Nai

Unlock the power of distribution center to value our supply chain

Challenge and grow up through projects to maximize the capacity and efficiency of our distribution center as well as the distribution system so that quality products will reach consumers on time



What does the application process look like?



Submit your application & online gamification


01st June - 15th July

phone interview


Shortlisted candidates will have an unplanned short call with HR


01st July - 15th August

face to face interview


Passed candidates will be informed to join an interview with hiring manager from applied functions


15th July - 31st August





01st September

Application deadline: 15th July 2023



You will be contacted within 3 weeks through your email after passing each recruitment step

Yes, you can, as long as you meet our requirements. However, please note that the whole selection process will take place in Vietnam.

GPA is only one of the selection criteria and we assess each candidate on comprehensive basis.

All information collected will be used for employment purposes only, and no personal data will be disclosed to other parties.

You can reach us via these channels



Ready to kickstart your career ? Apply now !

For technical support, kindly reach us via: [email protected]