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Nestlé #SparkTheNext Leaders Program

Spark the next leaders

Nestlé #SparkTheNext Leaders Program

Nestlé #SparktheNext Leaders Program (Management Trainee Program), is a fast-track development initiative designed to cultivate future leaders. This program offers exceptional opportunity to engage in job rotations, allowing you to gain a comprehensive understanding of your function and our business. As a Management Trainee, you will be entrusted from day one to take on impactful projects with mentorship from experienced professionals who will help you to navigate through challenges and spark at Nestlé.

Join us to embark on an accelerated pathway, where you will get to strengthen your business acumen, develop leadership capabilities and function competencies to the fullest!

Hear from our #SparkTheNext Leaders


  • Fresh Graduate with less than 1 year of work experience
  • Can start working full-time from April 2024
  • Minimum Grade-Point Average (GPA) of 2.8/4 or equivalent 7/10
  • Proficient in English with strong communication skills
  • Demonstrate a good sense of business acumen, critical thinking, and analytical skills
  • Possess strong teamworking and interpersonal skills
  • Driven and ambitious to deliver exception results
  • Open to embrace and lead changes

How does the application process look like?

Initial Interview
Initial Interview
Initial Interview

JAN 2024

Join our face-to-face interview and let your confidence spark.

Nest Camp
Nest Camp

MARCH 2024

Participate in our assessment center to gain insights into our business and practice solving real-world problems.

Final Interview
Final Interview
Final Interview

MARCH 2024

Meet our business leaders in the final Interview panel.

You're In!
You're In!
You're In!

APRIL 2024

Welcome to Nestle family!

Streams you can apply to:



Bring our brands to life

Immerse yourself in cross-function projects and drive the success of our brands through strategic marketing campaigns and impactful communication messages.

Supply Chain

Meet and exceed the demand of customers

Drive customer satisfaction by closely monitoring the supply chain process, from order placement to final delivery, to ensure a seamless and punctual delivery of our products into customers' hands.

Colleagues talking
Colleagues talking


Drive business success with innovation

Drive significant impact by spearheading initiatives and leading projects that will bring about substantial improvements in the application and maintenance of technology at Nestlé.


Bring our products to life

Actualize our mission of “Good Food, Good Life” as you involve end-to-end and help ensure the highest standards of quality, safety, and efficiency in our manufacturing process.

Office discussion
Colleagues talking

Quality Assurance

Ensure our products are of the best quality

Become an integral part of our farm-to-fork quality management system and help uphold our commitment to deliver high-quality products that enhance the lives of our consumers.​

Environment, Health, Safety

Facilitate the sustainable growth of our business

Help us to set a solid foundation for our business development through driving sustainable practices and ensuring strict compliance with safety and health regulations in the workplace.

Warehouse management

Warehouse Management

Maximize the productivity of warehouse operations

Offer crucial support to the distribution process by ensuring proper storage of our inventories and effective utilization of the warehouses' capacity.

Frequently Asked Questions

This is an 18-month rotation program

Yes, you can, as long as you can ensure to work full time by April 2024

You will be contacted within 2 weeks through your email after passing each recruitment step

Yes, you can, as long as you meet our MT Program requirements. However, please note that the whole selection process will take place in Vietnam.

GPA is only one of the selection criteria and we assess each candidate on comprehensive basis.

All information collected will be used for employment purposes only, and no personal data will be disclosed to other parties.

The program is designed for 18 months with 2 stages:

STAGE 1:  First 12 months – Cross-function rotation
-Rotate with related function to get more insights about business acumen
-Build up, sharpen leadership & skills

STAGE 2: Next 06 months – Individual assessment
-Rotate back to home function & get in depth knowledge about home function
-Get coached by senior manager during the job

You will be rotated within your related function. Your career roadmap is subjected to change based on most suitable project for you at that time.

By starting your life as a Trainee in our Nestlé Management Trainee Program, you will learn and experience the excitements of a fast-paced and competitive nature of FMCG business, developing your insight and leadership capability at an early stage to achieve your full potential both professionally and personally, to stand out and possibly become one of our business leaders in Nestlé.

The program is designed to set you up to be ready for your next role at Nestlé and become future leader of the company in long term.

You can reach us via these channels


Ready to #spark? Apply now !

For technical support, kindly reach us via: [email protected]